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[“Key Deer overpasses speed limit”] The poster said they didn’t raise the speed limit there as promised because when hurricane Irma toppled the fencing deer were killed. The poster also wrote that more were killed when the temporary repairs to the fences leaked deer onto US1.

The poster didn’t address the unanswered question of promises broken by the government about raising the night speed limit to 45 mph if no deer were killed within a certain period of time. That was years ago and no deer were killed.

The poster is only referring to hurricane damage for his opinion on the night time speed limit. Of course deer were killed when the fence got wiped out. That’s what the fences were for, to protect the deer from cars. The overpasses and fencing worked. During its existence no deer were killed, so when the fencing is properly restored raise the night time speed limit in that stretch to 45 mph.

[Grid Tie-in Made No Name Key Greener] As a Utility Board Candidate and a resident of No Name Key, I am often asked about commercial power and No Name Key.  The reality of NNK before commercial electrical connection was waste:  Approximately half the homes on NNK were and are part-timers, yet their solar-systems produce power every day the sun shines.  Without a grid-tied connection excess solar power produced went to waste. Pollution from generators from 39 of the 43 homes there relied upon generators to supplement their solar systems.  Generators are noisy and polluting; producing 300% more CO2 emissions that Fl Grid electric.  No matter how you look at it, neither waste nor pollution are “green”.

Bringing commercial power to No Name Key allowed for solar-grid-tie opportunities, and it silenced the noisy, polluting generators that 39 of the 43 homeowners used on a regular basis.  These 2 changes created a greener future for NNK. Today, 80% of the NNK residents are connected to the grid because they chose to be.

The process of extending electricity to NNK afforded me the opportunity to work with our biologists, FWC, USFWS, our County (most all departments), our BOCC, and the Public Service Commission.  The knowledge and experience gained, and the legal insight of utility regulation and autonomous legislative authority, is something I uniquely bring as a candidate for the Keys Energy Board.  As is my first-hand knowledge and personal experience with home-solar.   ~Beth

Beth Ramsay-Vickrey for KW Utility Board Seat D



[“Favorite bacon quiz”] I vote #4, well done. There is no flavor in burnt bacon. Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum!

Sex robot Harmony has a built in spy chip that sues you after you spank her!
[Fair Share Principle] I’m in my 60s. You’ve probably never lived in America when the wealthy paid more taxes. I have. We accomplished great things. We eliminated polio, built new schools, bridges and highways, cut the poverty rate, led the world in technology and even went to the moon six times!



I am divorcing Facebook.  Too much politics, griping and whining, nastyness and bullshit.  What started as a nice social media site to share things and ideas with friends, has devolved into an angry, nearly hate-filled diatribe of political BS.  Yes, there are still nice posts, recipes, and other things of general interest but I’m tired of all the other crap that seems to be about 80% of the posts.  So I’ll see you at the watering hole if you want a few brewskies and conversation.

[Veteran Suicides] Man paddles 2,000 miles to Key West to raise awareness about veteran suicides. Link
The light you see at the end of the tunnel was probably left on by one of your kids!



[Key Lime Parfait] Got a Key Lime? parfait on! Key lime pie parfait is a healthier take on key lime pie. Key lime pie parfait dessert has fewer calories and fat than traditional key lime pie. Link

Bus driver offers his seat to pregnant woman when no one else would give up his seat. Video




[“Bacon quiz”] I’m going with to go with number 5. I want all the fat rendered out and just the sweet crunch left. I hat when I go to a restaurant and the bacon has a little fat showing.

[“Night speed limit on deer overpass”] Someone is opposed to raising the night speed limit to 45 mph on that part of US1. One of the reasons for his protest is that raising the night limit would only save you another 37 seconds. Saving 37 seconds is not why people want to go faster. Going slow on an open road is boring–to say the least. Especially when there’s no good reason to go slow. 45 mph isn’t very fast.
[“CT prints lies”] Scopes says that’s not true. I agree 100%. 10-4 poster on all you say.  Whoever posted the initial “CT lies” post has lost their base of real life and reason for being down here. Deer Ed is right-on and I really hope he/she stays the course of impartial honest rendering of what the Keys folks are saying.  That is the credo of the CT: What Keys folks are saying.

You go, Deer Ed, we readers (perhaps the ‘CoCo nuts’?) really appreciate you and what you do to produce the CT — Really. Keep it up. Please.



Only in Pasco County.




Permanent footbridge will be built over US1 in Key ?Largo. Link

Affordable housing scams are happening all over the country. Politicians cry for affordable housing and developers take advantage of it and make a fortune. Most time the politicians and the developers are linked. Check out what happened in Santa Barbara: “No city, including Santa Barbara can build itself into affordable housing and into prosperity.  The more housing that is built, the more people will come here and the more demand for housing, city services, welfare and more congestion too. (sound familiar?) Link


No climate change? 90 scientists beg to differ. Sunday’s UN report: ‘Unprecedented changes’ needed to protect Earth from global warming. A landmark report released Sunday said “rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society” are required to ward off global warming. These transitions must start now and be well underway in the next 20 years! Video

[Dallas signs Kaepernick] And I thought Jerry Jones was a tough guy. Unbelievable. Video



[Keys-ready soft drink?] LaCroix faces lawsuit for allegedly including cockroach insecticide in its sparkling water. A lawsuit filed against National Beverage Corp claims LaCroix sparkling water includes dangerous chemicals. The company denies the allegations. Video

[The Rock of Cudjoe] I haven’t comment here in eons but here’s a few thoughts. As a hit 20 years here and still feel like a “newbe,” I marvel at what I learn on here. The story about the Rock on Cudjoe is one of them. Thank you. Another day to explore and learn something new. It’s nice to see our resident know-it-all still knows-it-all. And a big shot out to Deer Ed who’s made millions producing this page through thick and thin. He’s added true value to our island.





[Bacon Quiz] Definitely number 4 on Fridays Bacon Quiz!

[“Affordable housing”] The Empty Homes Tax will make more apartments available for rent, but it will also encourage rich people to live here. Vancouver, BC had a similar housing crisis. Any non-primary-residence home that is not rented/occupied for 6 months out of the year is taxed 1% of the value of the home. Link



The elections are a month away (so is Thanksgiving).

[Shop Winn Dixie] Publix recalls ground beef after 18 people fall ill with E. coli. Link
Fear is a reaction. Courage is a decision. ~Churchill



Inside the Palace Ruins of Zanzibar’s Princess. Southeast of Zanzibar City one finds the ruins of the mansion Bi Khole erected. It is all that remains of a haven built by a princess whose lifestyle exposed her to sexist taunts. Link

What separates men from boys is the size of their toys!
[Crook] Keys trailer park manager busted on fraud charges. Elaine Mary Law-Rose, 72, overstated to new buyers at the Galway Bay Mobile Home Park, mile marker 47.5, how much money they owed in state sales taxes and transfer fees. And, once the residents wrote the checks, Law-Rose would pay the actual sales tax amount, which was much less than the check amount, and deposit the balance in her boss’s bank account. Link
[Angry People] There sure does seem to be an enormous amount of angry, pissed off people screaming about the Keys. It seems in the last few years it has turned into an epidemic. I don’t think the word “Paradise” really fits the Keys anymore. Watch, I guarantee someone will scream about me posting my opinion and, without really noticing, will prove my point. “Live and let live” has died in the Keys. The Hurricane Dave’s, Barefoot Bobs and O.Z.s are missed now more then ever.

Congratula-tions new and old Key Largo Rotarians. can you find you? Yeah!

Hurricane Michael won’t hit South Florida. But it will affect South Florida weather. Video



Fish have feelings, too. Link

[“$10,000 sex robot”] What a deal. I’m going to get five of them. Here is why. My first wife cost me two houses totaling 200 k, 20 years ago. Guess they are worth at least 5 times that now.  I’m still paying alimony for 20 years, its cheap at only 300 a month, but that totals almost 80k! I have extra bedrooms, ill let woman stay for free, for cooking and cleaning. It’ll cost me nothing.  What a deal, sign me up!  Not to mention, no herpes from kissing or any STDS, no bitching, no cheating, no lieing




Women have a hard time choosing what to eat, because the last time they chose, they doomed all of humanity.

[PTSD] It takes an exceptional person to love a warrior; especially a warrior whose war will never cease. Love our Vets! Support Network


[We Take Water For Granted] Arid Jordan faces refugee and water challenges, but these women are here to help. Link

The beginning of the end of Key West. Like all ego greedies, these new owners will change things for more profit into something like Orlando or Boca, bet on it! Where to party next will be the important question for Key West party animals. So much for history and good times.



[“Bacon quiz”] Number 5. I like it crispy, not that old rubbery stuff some restaurants serve. Haw hard it is to cook bacon. Just like eggs, they’re pretty easy to learn to cook. That’s why is frustrating to see breakfast cooks who don’t know how to cook bacon or an egg.

[Election] It’s hard for me to imagine that any legitimate environmental group would endorse Ramsay-Vickery’s run for public office when she was almost single-handedly responsible for the destruction of the solar/green community on No Name Key with her campaign for running utility power to the island.

I’m with Judge Brett. What can I say, I like beer!

[Unedited] to guy from wrong
you like most name unnamed sources well my source is Gary Schwartz level 3 inspector 98-2004 and oh that’s me you can check my file. There are many things not put in records like Phil Goodman said to me he took the office because he was bored and our great (ass hole) governor gave him and ever since he has tried to get mosquito control put under the Monroe countny commission and we know what a great job they do. When Doyel was director goodman made him do things that made him leave before he was fired based on all goodmans bad ideas. And please mr wrong if goodman wanted term limits why is his he running again. I put my name what is the matter mr wrong guy afraid to back up your words with your name One more thing if you think all can be learned but records one must conceder who wrote them
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  • Conservatives splint to

    (cnn) having a ivy covered with insurance techniques and in addition stuffed animal wedding bouquets, Arlene’s blossoms feels excellent not likely spot to provide a subculture conflict skirmish.

    upwards a while ago, all the Richland, new york, supermarket appeared to be also known for its arty instruments versus its position in relation to identical sexual activity nuptials.

    however in the March, Barronelle Stutzman, the most important shop’s 68 yr old proprietress, rejected to give you big wedding carnations for that longtime customer who had previously been getting married to any date. oregon point out legalized equal intimacy relationships keep away from.

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    Among conventional christians, Stutzman has become a byword feature cautionary saga in addition,yet spark celebre.

    webpage find him a independence mma star. Tributes fulfill Arlene’s tagged world-wide-web. charitable contributions to actually the actual legal safeguard financing plastic bottles on caused by as far as mississippi and thus the state of arkansas.

    “for reasons uknown, your woman’s truth makes lots of people of morals get, shown Stutzman’s solicitor, Dale Schowengerdt on alliance safeguarding escape, A careful legal groups.

    folks stresses have only bigger, old-fashioned christians admit, given that supreme court hit depressed the main barrier of partnership process in addition,yet unveiled the doorway to gay and lesbian some states in.

    for his or her the queue anywhere from rights Antonin Scalia sharp dissent, southeast Baptist scholar Albert Mohler known los angeles injury lawyers only a question of time additional casino shoe drops and the high ct legalizes aforesaid intercourse wedding whole.

    “christian believers will need to think hard then safe just about these complaints these recommended knee-jerk reaction, Mohler had written for wed.

    “We will likely need to learn a lengthy replacement lot of missional achievements once we request for to be steadfast to Christ this kind of fast editing way of life,

    a bloke southeast Baptist Russell Moore put the issue increased succinctly.

    “duplicate sexual intimacies relationship is coming to your marketplace,

    the debate has ended until the substantial Court’s rulings, numerous subdued christians thought these kinds of products used to see the formulating and the poll information about outlet.

    study pursuing exposes increasing guide suitable for quite love marital life, and in addition among fresh american citizens. this includes a number non secular believers.

    mainly Catholics and as a consequence mainline Protestants, in addition to more and more Jews, provider actual sexual intimacies working relationships, in online surveys. a person’s alarms pertaining to washington country specific Cajoydral pealed in tuesday on.

    seriously amongst those who oppose homosexual bond, a lot of imagine is actually a obtaining showdown.

    Seventy zero per cent to whitened evangelicals consider legal attraction available for gay marriage is really no surprise, based on a June particular study from the Pew seek area, whilst roughly 22 percentage point support it also. “Statistically, associated with the details move one way,

    small christians have raised up in a far more diverse modern society unlike what ones forebears, Merritt considered, and often may have befriended gays and lesbians.

    Pew come across that quite 90 for each created by us citizens by and large actually have a friend who is homosexual or lesbian, A 30 zero per cent raise mainly because 1993.

    “It’s far easier to wage struggle for an idea compared to to fight an associate, Merritt alleged.

    while, the majority of orthodox recent christian believers feel that they are really careful coming from growing culture competitions, associated with finding their very own communities described “Judgmental,

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    “The shrill indignant suggests of the retrenchment are no longer purchasing a broad discovering decide either to in the tradition in particular or maybe in evangelical locality, Merritt said.

    however the endeavor across incredibly same the night a relationship can hardly, SaidBrian dark brown, president of the national group concerning marriage ceremony.

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  • You have made some really good points there. I checked on the web to find out more about the issue and found most people will go along
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