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[FTR Supports Trump] By golly, I’m downright chagrined that my loyal fan could possibly think that I’ve abandoned Donald Trump, soon to be President of these United States.  I sure like the sound of that … President Donald J. Trump.  I like that one hell of a lot more than the only alternative that we were faced with in November.

Just for the record, I sure wish that Trump would change the tone of his tweets.  I wish he’d be more civil. But, I applaud his decision to communicate directly with tens of millions of Americans and the entire world.  He’s cut out the incredibly biased media.  It’s no wonder that the Left is so incredibly pissed. They are like scared little school kids, scared of the truth.  Great job President Elect Donald J. Trump.

My fan suggested that President Elect Donald J. Trump was “playing kissy-face with Putin.” That is simply foolish.  Truth be told, he only noted that Putin is smart.  The very obvious fact is that Putin is smart, one hell of a lot smarter that O or Hillary.

Certainly, we all recall O and H’s attempted reset of our relations with Russia.  We all remember how badly botched that was. As a result, Putin has been pissing on our shoes for 8 years.  Putin laughs at Obama.  He should. We’re pathetic in our dealings with Russia.  Think about where Russia has made Obama/Hillary/Kerry look like simpering fools–Ukraine, Poland, Syria, Israel. And never forget Obama/Medvedev and the open mike “… tell [Putin] that I’ll have more leeway after my election…” That was sent with a hug and a kiss.  Putin has so little regard for us that he apparently hacked the Democrat office emails.  He also tried to get into the Republican’s pants, but the Republicans were too smart and he failed.

We can’t know, but it sure looks like Trump hates to lose.  He will not lose to Putin.

While the Left is all a-twitter (pun intended) with President Elect Donald J. Trump’s words, most of us are being pleasantly surprised with the quality of his putative appointees. The menu of Trump appointees that I’ve seen to date could not be better.  His selections uniformly feature people with great executive experience.  Each has been a success in their respective fields.  I’ve not seen a one that is a political hack. Not a one of them needs a job.  Not a one of them needs to have their reputation burnished.  The public service that they will render will cost nearly everyone of them millions in lost income.

My fan is perfectly correct in her assessment that Trump is causing turmoil.  But it’s not Trump that is causing the turmoil. The turmoil is a result of the massive whipping that the Left has taken.  It is the Left that is apoplectic with hypocrisy and hysteria.  The Left has not had so little power in nearly a hundred years. That my Deer Friends is a very, very good thing.

And so, I offer my heartfelt thanks to my loyal fan for permitting me this opportunity to write of the great prospects of the soon-to-be President of these United States–Donald J. Trump.

BTW, I trust that my loyal fan will follow the demands made by the Left when Obama was elected.  I trust that she will recognize Donald J. Trump as her President and that she will do all in her power to make sure that his presidency succeeds.