If they’re not thinking about you, they’re not doing business with you!

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Why Advertise with us?

How would you like about 1500 potential customers coming to your business daily?
That’s how many folks will see your ad on bigpinekey.com.
Our visitors are middle age and older folks who live here or have interest in the Florida Keys and we’re always on–24/7!


The Coconut Telegraph Page Advertisement (Sample)

Advertising on the Coconut Telegraph costs $19.95 a week with a 3-month contract plus a $49.95 setup and design charge. Your first invoice will be $289.40 for the quarter year. The next quarterly invoice will only be $239.30.

Advertise on our most popular page where everyone can see your ad 24/7.  We never close. Since 2002 just about everyone reads the Coconut Telegraph. Your ad will appear between the Coconut Telegraph posts. The viewer has to see your ad. He can’t bypass posts without seeing your ad. No other media can guarantee you that exposure. Radio, you might not be listening. TV, you may not be watching. Newspapers, you might skip a page.

A link can be added so a potential customer only has to click on your ad to reach your website, email or anything on the internet.

You can change your ad whenever you like and and we’ll do the artwork and there will be no additional charge.

You can also send in pictures and comments about your business or anything else; and they will be posted in the body of the Coconut Telegraph’s next edition in addition to your ads. Be a contributor. Talk about your business. Do you have new items, closeouts, sales, etc. Let the visitor know about it.

We will also place your add in the Business Directory above the category listing you choose. You will even get a bold listing in the Business Directory with a link to your site.

Thank you for thinking of bigpinekey.com for your advertising; where you’ll get more bang for your buck than any other media offers.


Short Time Advertisement (Sample)
Short Time advertising on the Coconut Telegraph page is $49.95 for one week. $70 for 2 weeks. Each additional week is $35. No design & setup charge. Advertise your special event, birth or wedding announcement, political candidate, new product or service, special purchase, seasonal advertisement–anything!


Rent a Spot (Sample)
Be a regular columnist or contributor. $19.95 a week, 3 month contract plus a one-time $49.95 setup and design charge. You can post daily, weekly or anytime you’d like. Your spot will be reserved for you to do with as you please. Just email us your stuff and we’ll edit and post it with the appropriate art work or animations to assure your spot is noticed. Or send in your own graphics and we’ll edit them to highlight your message or product. Write what’s on your mind, link to your web site or email address.


Free Listing in Business Directory
We’ll list your name and phone number in economy 8 point print for free. If you don’t want to advertise at least show your potential customers you’re alive and open for business (licensed business only please).


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If they’re not thinking about you, they’re not doing business with you!