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The CT is a prime example of subliminal spin like the media press puts on everything. There is no truth except what those that want to destroy America want to say. I am very surprised that any public media is still allowed to display it wares and propaganda. Trump did not lose the election, there was no election, just a visible media show to sway the sheep. This country is dying and the sheep are too blind to notice.
Trump accomplished much more than he’s given credit for. Make America great again. Video
CBS has reported that the CDC has ordered that anyone entering the US must have a negative Covid-19 test within 3 days of boarding a fight. Does that also apply to scads of immigrants on the way to our border with Mexico? Of course not. Never mind that simply getting a nasal Covid test has resulted in positive HIV test results. It might be a false positive, but now its on your medical records. Covid was not a term applied to SARS or other corona virus prior to the current disease de’jour, but the term COVID-19 was used years before the Wuhan outbreak (and test kits already existed) by such entities as the World Bank. COVID is an acronym for Certification of Vaccination ID. You will not have to research very long to know you want to avoid the vaccine. America’s Frontline Doctors has a petition to stop such medical discrimination as requiring proof of vaccination or negative test to fly.. vowing to blacklist any business, employer or school that mandates or otherwise requires a vaccine. Link


The people have spoken and for the second time the majority of Americans voted against Trump.

When does the Conspiracy Party start telling everyone the vaccine is killing us?
Dr. Simone Gold, Board Certified Physician & Attorney – the truth about the experimental Covid 19 Vaccine. We should all  fight the urge to mandate the taking of this experimental Vaccine. No one of child bearing age should risk taking this vaccine. Link
BIG NEWS from the China Jo Biden’s 1st day Executive Order, Transgender athletes are to be allowed to participate in GIRLS sports. Now this is the most critical issue facing Americans at the opening of his administration. What about the Communist Chinese germ warfare attack on the USA and the West. What about the state of the economy. What about the Unemployment. WTF over.

What do you have to say?

Bette Midler says goodbye to Donnie. Video
Let’s get this straight once and forever. Kamala Harris. Is not, and I’ll say it again, is not black. Her mother is Indian and her father is Jamaican. That does not make her an African American. So if by her Claiming to be black, that makes her a poser.
Let’s get rid of The CONSTITUTION! It’s getting to be an inconvenience to our newly Elected OFFICIAL’S plan to “Turn America into California “. As has been illustrated by the Elected Government of New York, California, Oregon and numerous Blue States the US CONSTITUTION has been trampled upon regularly. So why not just get rid of it.

How could you deny me the chance to complete my destruction of democracy and instill me as King?

Who said “social democracy is objectively the moderate wing FASCISM. They are not antipodes, they are Twins” also “Death solves all problems, no man no problems”.
Did you know Trump had the phrases “climate change” and “global warming” removed from government documents. Lies and more lies. He kept his head in the sand unless it helped him get reelected. Lock him up!

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Broadway’s “One More Day of Trump” Quite well done and also 1 minute of the most impressive fireworks in history. Video
Randy Rainbow’s Trump sendoff! Video
There are two US constitutions. The 1776 constitution was suspended in favor of a Vatican-controlled Corporation in 1871. Under the original constitution the US people were free and independent. Freedom ended in 1871 when the original “Constitution for the United States of America” was changed to the “THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.” This was the constitution of the newly-formed private company (aka corporation) – UNITED STATES INC. (Apart from the significant name change switch ‘for’ to ‘of’, the block letters also have a special legal meaning.) UNITED STATES INC was launched under the Act of 1871, with no constitutional authority to do so. The corporation was owned by the city states of the Vatican, London and the District of Columbia as one interlocking empire called “Empire of the City’. UNITED STATES INC operates under tyrannical Vatican law known as “Lex Fori” (local law). Its Satanic symbolism is evident in government buildings all over Washington and the Pentagon. Operating as ‘vassal king’ each POTUS takes orders from ‘The City of London’ through the RIIA (Royal Institute of International Affairs). Trump was the first President since JFK to refuse to bow down to the Cabal and “follow the orders” of Satan. The Illuminati (founded by the Jesuits, the world’s largest Roman Catholic pseudo-Religious Military Order, and headed by the Black Pope) created the RIIA in 1919. The American equivalent to the RIIA is the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR). The ACT of 1871 put the United States back under British rule (which is under Vatican rule). That’s how the United States people lost their independence in 1871. The Deep State Corporation (i.e. company) doing business as the UNITED STATES INC. was allegedly entered into bankruptcy by the Vatican, its legal owner, on 24 Sept. 2015. The documents were signed by Pope Francis, the first JESUIT pope (look up the horrific Jesuit Extreme Oath of Induction). Pope Francis was forced into signing after secret evidence was presented to the Vatican of his involvement in truly despicable criminal activity and child trafficking. It was a Chapter 7 Liquidation that allegedly ended on 5 Nov., 2020 at which time the corporation that is the United States legally ceased to exist. So… to the US election.. You can’t elect a new President to a defunct corporation trading insolvently. Whoever becomes “President” has nothing to preside over. Since 1871 we have been living under the UNITED STATES CORPORATION.(see, Acts of the Forty-first Congress,” Section 34, Session III, chapters 61 and 62).
The act — passed when the country was weakened and financially depleted in the aftermath of the Civil War — was a strategic move by foreign interests who were intent upon gaining a stranglehold on the coffers and neck of America.
Biden’s inauguration established an illegitimate government within the United States, and under the Military Code 11.3, the military is automatically placed in control. Besides which President Trump had already signed activation of the Insurrection Act, which also put the military in control until such time as a legitimate civil government could be established. Don’t believe it? Consider:
Biden is the first to have to take a private plane to DC for inauguration instead of having a military flight provided.
He has been denied access to Pentagon information.
The military personnel turned their backs to him as he left the Capital.
Trump took the “nuclear football” and codes with him when he boarded Marine 1 rather than the traditional passing over at the ceremony.
After the inauguration, the US flag was lowered and removed from the Capital.
Biden’s inaugural address was prerecorded. It was viewed in Spain at 7AM Spanish time on January 20th It was not live as the TV news would have you believe. Even the weather did not match DC at the time. Open your eyes before they are yanked open by events. Please
Trump voters are less educated than Democrat voters.
Trump is an autocrat whose followers buy into his cult of personality that is Trumpism.

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To save American democracy, truth needs to beat fantasy. Link
[Political Fau Pax] Deer Editor, You are no better than the mainstream media using your platform to express your views, because you can.  You’ve broken your own rule for the sake of self-righteousness.  Just like all the fake news, one-sided political reporting, and outspoken, self-centered liberals, the CT does what it wants when it wants.  Thanks for the years of entertainment, bye bye CT. (You err. It’s not out of self-righteousness, it’s out of love of democracy and our Constitution. Please read it sometime.)
Closing Trumps’ social media is not censoring. We’re trying to defend our country. What would happen if they were Muslims doing what the traitors did? They’d all be dead. How about if blacks did that? They’d all be dead too. The Conspiracy people say insurrection is okay in America if you’re a white Christian male.
I will Defend the CONSTITUTION Agains All Enemies, Foreign and DOMESTIC. This was part of my enlistment oath that I swore to for all of my 30 years of service to my Country. Now I only have one question. WHO or WHAT are the DOMESTIC ENEMIES or our CONSTITUTION. Is it any Elected Official who deprives of our CONSTITUTIONAL rights??? I’ll let you answer that to yourself as you look in the mirror
Just reading the hate and lies spewed by the Conspiracy Party sickens me.
February is BLACK History month. Who gives a sh••. Why is there No WHITE HISTORY month?? With only14% does the country bend over to kiss the blacks ass. BLM is a joke. Why didn’t the government do anything to stop the rioting, burning, looting, killing during the BLM INSURRECTION?? Why are the democrats inciting devision of Americans. Is it because Nancy Pelosi is a two faced bitch. Is there any hope for Americans?? Not as long as Comrade Pelosi has anything to say.
What will happen to the Keys if the Democrats take over….I meant the Commies.

Melania Trump posts her farewell message 1/18/2021. Link

Looks like Trump’s fortunes are diminishing. He would make a good leader of the KKK, fascists, or skinheads. Those are his true followers. Traitors all.
Trumpers are terrified of socialism (that they little understand) but embrace fascism. Why’s that?

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Trump must be punished. Anyone else betraying the Constitution as he does would have been shot.
What if all of a sudden people realized that Trump is unbalanced? How would they notice?
A whole presidency based on lies, fear and hate.

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Because I supported Trump’s policies does not make me a traitor.. How dare you!! If the media had a sound bite that showed Trump inciting violence, believe me, they would be playing bit 24/7. It doesn’t exist. No need to publish this, after eighteen years, i won’t be returning to your site to view it.
I don’t understand why the people who tried to deny Trump’s presidency with a fake Russian collusion weren’t the true first inciters of violence. The media is complicit in this whole debacle.
Your top-of-the-page editorial (1/12) comment was right on the money–in ALL respects! Thank you very much for your honesty and bravery.
Thank you, Editor for your patriotic stance on addressing the traitors of democracy among us. Being patriotic is more than waving a flag and having a dictator tell you what a patriot is. I saw a bearded moron beating a fallen police officer with an American flag, is this flag waver a patriot, to many traitors he is, another police officer was beaten to death by a sub-human mob with a fire extinguisher, so much for the party of law and order. Can you imagine what the right wing propaganda channels would have done is any of the rioters committed atrocities close to what this mob did? They would be broadcasting it daily now 6 months later. Keep up the good work and don’t be afraid to publish the views of the traitors, their poisoned brains will only weaken there nonexistent arguments to people able to think while they soak each other in their circle jerk.
The President of the USA is the best ever! Do you all want to be owned by China or worse? Wake up!
Censorship. The White Conspiracy people say we’re violating their civil right by closing Trump’s social media accounts. They think all White Christians should be able to spew their hate and not be shut down. Only the followers of Islam and Black people should be muzzled according to them
Please send me the video of him inciting a riot. I am a retired elementary school teacher of 35 years. I watch many news outlets and have seen no such video. I have watched Trump say in his speech that day, ” to peacefully and patriotically” make your voices heard and cheer on the lawmakers who are investigating election fraud. That first amendment protest was hijacked by both left and right wing extremists. Both were wrong. Dont paint me with the broad brush of traitor because I agreed with the policies of strong borders, disentangling our country from foreign wars, and prison reform. I thought you were better than that. I’ll miss you.
My President has accomplished: Lowest unemployment in history for all Americans regardless of sex or color. 2. This created the lowest poverty rate ever. 3. He took out ISIS. 4. He backs our military and police. 5. He brought the approval rate of the VA from 60% to over 90%. 6. He brought our troops home from everywhere. 7. He initiated the Abraham Accord that has the middle east coming together. 8. This made it possible for 3 Noble Peace Prize Nominations. 9. Moved the embassy to Jerusalem. 10. Started no Wars. 11. Built a wall 450 miles that stops human trafficking, and drugs from coming over the border. 12. Created a way for the fastest anti-virus inoculation in history. 13. He stands for our flag, and the Christian beliefs that this country was founded on. Now lets talk about your president Biden. In 47 years in congress the only thing he has accomplished is enriching himself, and his entire family from Ukraine, China, Afghanistan , and who knows where else. What I have stated are facts. Have the Balls to post this, and let the people decide who’s a Traitor. Over 75 million people have already made this choice. Give us the same voice you gave yourself last Tuesday. Freedom of the press?
Sleuths link Clintons and Podestas to Washington Satanic pedo-ring that mainstream media labels ‘fake news”. Link
The most hollow slogan in history made by the world’s most shallow person: “Make America great.” It was great until Trump f**ked it up with his hate and lies.
I’m not a particularly political person, but I’ve got to say that if they believe that they won and clean and honest election, why are the Democrats acting so damned guilty?  If my guy had won and I believed everything was on the level, I’d jump right on the audit and recount bandwagon.  If there’s nothing to hide, why resist having everyone just take a close look?
Now that Biden is in CONTROL and is dead set against fracking, the US will not be self sufficient and the Saudis are cutting production by 1 Million barrels a day.. I’m looking at the price of gas going over $4.00 a gallon by the summer driving season. Thanks Democrats.
Dear Editor – You don’t have to post this comment. I just wanted to let you know how much I totally agree with you. His minions are the most ignorant, arrogant and racist fools out there. I saw this coming from 2015 as I grew up basically in Trump’s backyard and know countless people who were ripped off by this thief, liar and worst business owner out there. He ripped off the wealthy as well as thousands of little guys, i.e., .electricians, plumbers, carpenters – you name them – they got ripped off,! He was despised locally. Tried to educate Floridian friends who always espoused hatred for those “slick New Yorkers” telling them he was the “epitome” of stereotypes they hated – but to no avail. “You can’t fix stupid!” I will not desert you – Let’s hope these traitors will learn the truth sooner than later.
If China, Russia or Israel took over America what would happen to all of us?
What would happen if Trump just quit? Biden would ask Soros and Hillary what to do.
I would love to read from someone honest about why all this anti-Trump and anti-Republican stuff is going on. Seems to me it’s all a fake show to cover up some really nasty foreign invasion or something just as bad. Can anyone be 100% honest and explain? Please keep it truthful.
I’ve been reading and watching this fiasco between the Democrats, the Republicans and a few of the foreign powers and have about given up that all sides are anywhere near sane. I ask people their opinion and get back twisted spin and bull shit rhetoric saying nothing important. This tells me the general public has no idea what is really going on. The world plague has taken a back seat to this political circus, even though millions are dying from a manmade virus. The medias are so screwed up, I will never believe anything they present again. The marketers have rejoiced because they have raised the prices of everything instead of lowering to help the citizenry survive this mess. I fear some nut case will pull that magic trigger and start another international disaster. When the water and electric are shut off then we all will wake up hopefully! Cross your fingers this will go away!
Deer Ed, Thank you for your Editorial about Donald Trump and the fact that he is attempting to destroy our democracy. Commentary by patriotic Americans like yourself give me hope that we will get through this disastrous time and come out stronger as a country

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We have been so deceived! This 3 hour video is in parts for easy viewing. You will be blown away by this well documented expose. Video

Why is Big Pine Key Com so left sided? My dad says it’s because the democrat commies in the Keys are in control. Is this true?
Trump supporters only support fake news (that they invented).
Florida Keys Rep. Gimenez among group not certifying election results. Florida Keys federal House Rep. Carlos Gimenez was among a handful of Florida elected representatives who voted against certifying the results. Don’t vote for him!
They want to “take back our country!” From whom? The Republicans have held your country for four years. What do you want to take back and from whom? It’s well-known that Trump supporters are generally less educated than Democrats; that might explain them calling anyone who disagrees with them communists.
Thanks to Trump Republicans have lost all power in Washington and that’s a shame.
What did the insurgents want? Didn’t Trump have 4 years to address their grievances? What did he do in those four years to take care of his fans’ concerns? Why are they still pissed. There goes Marie Antoinette Pelosi wasting the taxpayers money for another EGO Trip. I’ve got to take Trump Out if it’s the last thing that I do. Get serious Pelosi, give it up. All you’ve accomplished in the last 4years is NOTHING for the American people but to stroke your EGO
You can’t judge a movement by its extremists’, you write unabashedly, without a hint of irony in your tone, after clearly judging a movement by its extremists. There were not 74 million Trump supporters rioting in DC. There were extremists. You state that the 74 million are worried about socialism and their second amendment rights being taken away and higher taxes- yes they are, but you write as proof they are unfounded fears because this hasn’t really happened. Well of course not, Harris/Biden and the new Senate have not even been sworn in yet. Now I do not support that ridiculous Capital rioting or even Trump for that matter but I do support American Freedom. With the loss of Republican power as a check to the Democrats  in the Senate, these fears you smugly scoff at and shrug off as delusional will, very likely, come true. There are two things that will happen first to allow this to take place (these are stated goals)- before all the higher taxes and gun control, The District of Columbia will become a state; with two more liberal Democratic Senators. This will shift the balance of power in Washington forever. The second thing that will happen is that 10 million illegal aliens will be allowed to vote. They will overwhelmingly vote for Democrats. This will essentially end two party government in America. So I hope you’re as happy as you appear for now. But as we inevitably slip into an even bigger, controlling and regulating government, and elements of the Green New Deal, and defunded police forces, and a new reliance on foreign energy, and much higher taxes appear, you won’t be as happy I’m sure.
An insurgent said he was getting rid of the commies and lefties. That’s called fascism if he wasn’t already aware of that. Who are the commies? Anybody I know? Do you know what a communist is? Do you think it’s someone who just thinks differently than you? Terrorist talk in broad terms because their arguments fall apart when specifics are called for. Why hasn’t Trump worked on doing everything you complain about? Isn’t that why you elected him?
Nancy Pelosi is the only politician who always stood up to Donald Trump. No one else saw through his ego.
Guns in the Capitol. The only guns in the Capitol were carried by law enforcement – the wreck less shooting of an unarmed woman by a member of Mike Pence’s staff (legally carrying) was murder. There were heavily armed police right behind her who were doing nothing to stop her from going thru the window, she was not fleeing and there was less lethal means available to stop her. There were no fires, no crowd yelling white lives matter. She’s been under reported and forgotten. The other civilian deaths are being pushed as medical situations not caused by the riot. Sadly, an officer was hit in the head with a fire extinguisher after he let them walk in (inside the velvet ropes in orderly fashion). If you’re gonna whine, know the facts.
Sedition. Video
Why does the Microsoft’s Bing News always spin the truths and make it look like the Left is right and the Right are the bad guys? You guys have lost the trust of the American people for sure! Same goes for the CT who seems so far Left you carry a Commie card !? ( Ed: I’ll address this because you attack my beliefs. The Right are the bad guys because you believe any negative thing you see. You thrive on lies and pretend to be Americans because you carry flags. But you also carry threatening guns and abandon the Constitution in your zeal for power when it suits you. You support an autocrat with no respect for the law. If you don’t understand something or disagree with something you brand it ‘commie”.)

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So where are the Clintons, the Soros’s, the N.W.O. freaks, the Mafias, the war lovers, the religious nuts and whomever else that used to stick their 2 Cents into everyone’s business ???? Are they hiding or are they behind all this BS? Has South America and Africa gained lots of new citizens lately ???
Over four thousand Americans died Thursday from Covid. Not a peep from the White House.
Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up!…
How did this once great nation fall so far away from the Constitution and truth? Little by little accountability has been ignored, until like Trump famously said, “I could shoot someone” and get away with it. After his first lie he should have been impeached. And after his hundredth lie he should have been removed from office.
Republicans are afraid under Democrats healthcare will pass, so what they do is support a madman who split the country and tried to violently take over the government. I think you’re all crazy or cowards.
Trump now says he’s sorry. What a phony. He’s only sorry because his failed attempt to hold power failed.
Why do they like Trump? He hasn’t done 1 thing he promised except make the rich richer, nothing for the working man. The wall? Ha ha. Healthcare? Tax return? Ho ho. America great? Tee hee hee
Now I can speak without fear of the gun-toting Trumpers.
Trump has managed to divide the country, lose the Presidential election, lose control of the House, and lose control of the Senate—all in 4 years! Make America great?
Insurrection is what you call it when a man loses an election and his feelings get hurt so calls for violence on the Capital.
What kind of Americans attack the Capital at the word from a madman? If any of you don’t think he’s deranged, read Mein Kumpf or any book about Hitler’s last days

Watching Donald Trump d
rive the Republican Party off a cliff would be more fun if the rest of us weren’t in the back seat!

I believe in democracy. Those traitors don’t. They only carry the flag for show. They are against Socialism but don’t understand democracy.
Trump called for the Army to put down the black lives matter protesters, but incites his followers to invade the White House and the police don’t prepare and even help the assholes because of him.
“Watching commercials on tv I’ve come to the conclusion that the majority of the people are black, the couples are zebras and their children are nappy-hair tykes. Are we being brainwashed by the progressive media? Let’s not forget that the black population is 14%, while the forgotten (or ignored) Latino population is 18%. Why aren’t there more Latinos in commercials?”
I have been saying this for the past 6 years and nobody saw it… Stand by, it’s mainstream and will get worse under this new administration.  Why are white people being demonized?  Blacks sold their own into slavery….   Where is that in the mainstream?
I’ve been saying Trump was crazy since the beginning, when he invented fake news and started saying Obama’s birth certificate was from Kenya (or someplace down there)
Has the Conspiracy Party claimed that the coup was a setup by the radical left yet?
I tuned in to FOX news (…keep your enemies closer.) and they called the insurgents “patriots”.
What happened with the Capital Police? Do they only stop Black people? Fire them all for neglecting their duty to protect the Capitol building and cut off the hand of their chief for allowing this attempted coup: allowing the bad guys to enter, holding the door for them, backing down when confronted, taking selfies with them.
How can Trump supporters pretend they are patriots while attempting a coup? Like Trump, they defy reason and integrity. I actually lay awake in the wee hours mulling scenarios where I can say magic words that change his supporters’ minds. My wife is convinced her stroke two years ago was caused over worry about Trump.
Trump calls everybody losers when he’s literally the biggest loser, and a poor one at that. He never could have the influence over his subjects that he has if he had told them only the truth. His whole reign has been built on lies and hate.
Is this how the loser, Trump, is going to make America great? How about that wall?
FYI Looks like the Left Commies are trying to create a civil war for sure.
When will the Conspiracy Party imagine that it was someone else other than Trump supporters who tried to take over our government? Just wait, it will come. I guarantee it.
Over 3000 Americans die each day from Covid and what does the President do? He ignores suffering Americans and continues to try to destroy our democracy for his own benefit and those of his traitor supporters.
Trump put pressure on Georgia’s Secretary of State to overturn its November election because it shows Trump lost. Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up!
Crooked Trump! Crooked Trump! Crooked Trump! Crooked Trump! Crooked Trump! Crooked Trump! Crooked Trump!
Know why we don’t have national health care? You guessed it… Republicans are in the pockets of the healthcare industry and insurance corporations.
On December 30, the Georgia State Senate Judiciary Subcomittee, after hearing the evidence of fraud even during post-election auditing, unanimously passed a motion to audit Fulton County’s absentee ballots with the process Jovan Pulitzer (inventor of the QR code) outlined that can scan and identify counterfeit ballots with 100% certainty at the rate of about 250,000 per hour. He offered to perform the scan for free. Within 4 hours of the audit order’s processing, A1 Shredding service box trucks pulled up to the subject polling location and began shredding ballots! By law, they are to be retained for 2 years in Georgia. “Nothing to see here, folks!”
Wake up America! GW Bush’s people rigged his election with vote switching Diebold voting machines and now Joe Biden’s people have rigged the 2020 election using Dominion voting machines, fake ballots, and dishonesty at the poll places. It is not about the party affiliation; it is about bogus elections in general. It must be stopped now! Link
“Covid-19 Vaccine Availability” On Dec 22nd the residents of a retirement community called “The Villages” in Sumter County were given vaccines. This place is an upscale private “golf cart” retirement community which is a “Trump Loyalist” stronghold which trump visited twice during his latest campaign. They held their golf cart Trump parades making headlines which is most likely why Trump went there – So it’s no wonder why they were given preferential treatment in being vaccinated before even healthcare personnel and the elderly in nursing home facilities. So i called their congressional reps office to find out why they got the vaccine and Rep Webster’s lacky didn’t even know about it at all. I asked her “Don’t you watch the news?” And of course, she said “No I don’t.” This is why we are in the shape we are due to the stupidity and ignorance of the majority of people. They are too busy playing games or on Facebook with their “dumb” phones. I even asked her if she knew what the temperature was going to be that day and again her reply was “I don’t know.”
I think there should be an investigation as to why this specific group were given the vaccine before anybody else. I think Trump called up DeSantis and ordered it to be done. Is there anyone out there who may know how to get this looked into?
Why are so many of those in the new Conspiracy Party against Democracy?
2020 is the year Trump self-destructed.
Before we start eliminating our current use of fossil fuels. Utilization of all the new technologies will cause a major disruption to our ecology and deplete natural resources faster than anyone can imagine.
Trump tried to coerce the Georgia’s Secretary of State to commit election fraud.
Has anyone considered that the Chinese Communist party ha created a virus and is waging germ warfare on the west and particularly the United States? It seems that they are successfully destroying our economy and causing untold disruption in our daily lives. It is also affecting the Chinese population but the government doesn’t seem to care what happens to the population as demonstrated by their actions with minority groups. Why are so incensed with Trump and totally disregarding the Chinese Communist government’s germ warfare on the west and the USA this country needs to get its act together and deal with the Chinese Communist government
If the vote is rigged, why did Trump try to intimidate Georgia into hiding votes? Isn’t that vote rigging?
Trump has bungled the vaccine shots too. Add that to his list of failures.
How can we stop Trump from meddling in our elections?
TRUMP on ‘PIERS MORGAN LIVE’- 2011. NOTHING he is saying in this interview is any different than what he’s saying now (in terms of policy approach)… so where was the outrage then. Video


In tribute to this late-stage Trumpian lunacy, I’m writing these words wearing my back-ordered T-shirt that just arrived from Four Seasons Total Landscaping in Philadelphia, with the slogan “Make America Rake Again.” (My wife has the other version: “Lawn & Order.”)
Eventually the Conspiracy Party will stop living in fear of Trump, grow a pair of balls, and once more become Republicans.
Trump’s superpower is his absolute shamelessness. This level of corruption in American life is unprecedented.
The manner of President Donald Trump’s departure from power has clarified why he must never hold power again. In leaks to a variety of news organizations, senior Trump administration officials reported:
1) Rudolph Giuliani urging the federal government to illegally seize Dominion voting machines;
2) presidential consideration of deranged conspiracy-monger Sidney Powell as a special counsel investigating nonexistent election fraud; and
3) a White House meeting involving disgraced former national security adviser Michael Flynn at which Trump discussed the imposition of martial law.
These accounts indicate the emergence of two distinct factions within Trump’s inner circle. On one side are the lunatics — among them Giuliani, Powell and Flynn — who want Trump to violate laws and assume authoritarian powers. On the other side are sycophants who supported Trump’s spurious legal challenges to the election result but apparently draw the line at treason. By most accounts, Trump’s sympathies lie with the lunatics.
Trump is looking everywhere for the millions of missing votes, but hasn’t even found 1. The word delusional comes to mind
Sigh In The Night – A parody of Silent Night. Video