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The Coconut Telegraph’s online mission is to create an historical diary with pictures of what the Florida Keys were talking about on any given day since 2002.


We don’t have reporters. We rely on you to send us content. With your content the world will be able to see what Keys-minded people were talking about on any particular day. We don’t report it, we just record it. We are keeping a public diary of what people were talking about.


We reserve the right to edit any post for content. We need help with your emails. Please enter Coconut Telegraph in the subject line of your email or our spam filters will delete it and we can’t publish it. Don’t tell us what is in the email, just write the Department you want (Coconut Telegraph, Bulletin Board, Classified Ads. etc). We open all emails that arrive. Writing the subject of your email doesn’t get it read any sooner. 

Most insults will be deleted. 60-70% of all post contain an insult. Some posts are all insults and no content, so there is nothing to post.


All articles of a negative nature naming names or businesses will have the poster’s email address printed at the end of the post. This will prevent malicious false statements from being made and disturbing the peace. National politics are exempt. If you don’t see your item printed it could be for a variety of reasons, mainly “Coconut Telegraph” is missing from the subject line of your email and our spam filters sent it away or an it was incomprehensible, pornographic material, repetitive messages, etc. There is no intention to offend our contributors. If you write multiple posts on the same subject we will consolidate the posts or just publish the more pertinent one.

Emailing Articles

Don’t email us a whole article, just send us a link to the article if you did not write it yourself. Send us your opinion of what you see and hear. You be the reporter. Tell us what you think.

Signing Your Post

The Coconut Telegraph is not social media so you will remain anonymous. Your name will not be included with your post unless it is written by one of our advertisers or pertinent to the post.

Classified Ads

Classified ads are free for private parties, but cost $10 for three months if you want to include a link, email address or photograph.

Commercial ads for any money making scheme are $20 for 3 months and may include a photograph and link. Add or Remove Classified Ad

Deadline for Publishing is published every day by noon. Mail is download at 8AM Summer (and 7am winter) on the day of publication. It you want something published on a certain day please make sure we receive it before 8AM on the day you want it published. Emails received latter will appear in the following day’s publication.


We publish a daily history of what people are thinking and talking about in the Keys. All content is provided by Keys-minded people from all over the world. They do this in order to help write this history. BigPineKey-PirateDocuments LLC and the Editor are not responsible for the Coconut Telegraph’s content. We employ no reporters, fact checkers or writers. Read or write at your own risk. We try to keep the peace but sometimes blunder unintentionally.

Guest Columnist

We welcome new feature writers. If you have an idea for a regular column please let us know. We are always looking for new ideas. We welcome aspiring writers and you don’t even have to be very good. Our standards are low as long as you’re not mean or dirty minded. If you’d like to have attribution or a link to your site you can rent a space on the Coconut Telegraph for $19.95 a week (more info at Advertising Information).


We’re not crazy about jokes. If we do print them they will only be printed on Fridays. There are many excellent joke sites to visit on the web.

Removing a Post with Your Email Address Attached

If you think your email address was unfairly attached to a post and you’d like it removed; you must tell us exactly where the post is located. (Example: Wednesday January 7, 2006, the tenth line from the bottom. Beginning with “shitty service I received bla bla …”). If you see that it is has not been removed it is because you did not give us enough information to locate it.

Information You Have

If you have any information about the Keys you’d like to add to our History, Statistics, Business Directory, etc. Please send it in and we’ll added it to the appropriate page.

Photo and Video Attachments

We welcome anything you can send us like photos, art, cartoons, GIF animation, videos or links to other interesting places. Please send them as an email attachment and not in the body of your email.

Coconut Telegraph Banner

If you’d like to submit a nice tropical banner for the top of the Coconut Telegraph page please submit it at 780 pixels X 200 pixels in .jpeg, .bmp, .psd, .gif, PNG, or TIFF graphic formats.

Links and Punctuation

Please limit your links and exclamation points to one per post. Do not write in all capitals. It drives Ed crazy.

Support Us For Free

If you enjoy it would be kind of you to tell businesses that you saw their ads on That really helps us to stay in business. You have no idea how much it helps. Please ask other businesses to advertise with us. Advertising is our only source of revenue. We don’t have anything else to sell.

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