Sunday, March 22, 2015 Goodbye My Friends

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My Deer Friends,It is with a heavy heart that I tell you that the Coconut Telegraph will be no more. After 14 years of publishing I’m going to retire to Big Pine Key in the Fabulous Florida Keys (oh, wait, I already did). I’m especially sad to be leaving the many friends I’ve gotten to know though their postings during all these years. Many of you have been with me right from the start back in 2002. I’ve been wanting to retire for a long time, but losing these special friends has kept me publishing.

I’m not really retiring for good, it will be more of a sabbatical. The pressures of running a complex website like by myself are remarkable and I need to relax for a time. The Coconut Telegraph will probably return after I get to experience what life is like without this anchor around my neck. When the CT returns it will be different and more automated. The Classified Ads and Events pages will return in an automated form at that time.

I especially want to thank my advertisers who have supported this site through thick and thin and my inept billing. Those of you who have advertising weeks left will be reimbursed for those remaining weeks. Give me a few days to sort it out and I’ll mail you a check.

The day I made my decision to retire was the same day, coincidentally, that the Little Torch Key man who sold me the domain name ‘’ died. I thought that was an omen. Then on Friday the 13th GoDaddy’s IT department scrambled my website. I just noticed today, the day of my last post, is the first full day of Spring and this is my horoscope:

“You are not willing to live your life in the same old way anymore. You’re ready for a big change, but you might not be able to communicate your new perspective to anyone else because you don’t want to shock your friends and associates with your radical ideas.” Just saying …

Former Editor
Since 2002


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